Our team faced a crucial task - we needed to enhance the initial points of contact with potential clients for the company. One of the products in focus was MNP (Mobile Number Portability).
Senior Product Designer
UI/UX, Prototyping, Research, Analytics
In 2021, we faced a problem. Due to the expansion of our product ecosystem, many people wanted to become our subscribers. However, the online process for switching from other operators was complicated, leading many individuals to visit offline stores, which reduced our overall success.
To fix this and make the process easier for new customers, we decided to improve our online flows.
We started with the most crucial flow - Mobile Number Portability (MNP).
It's the initial encounter for a new customer transitioning from another operator. The impressions formed during this process significantly influence the customer's perception of the company and determine the duration of their engagement.
Why is the MNP process so crucial for the company?
Businnes Goals
We conducted extensive UX research before diving into development.
To start, I manage a competitive analysis to identify the primary strengths and areas for improvement of the product. This process also generated insights and patterns that could be incorporated into the creation of mockups.
Competitors Analysis
We identified the key advantages and disadvantages
To find more innovative solutions, we analyzed other sales services in FinTech and IT
Market Analysis
We also analyzed customer support inquiries
User's Feedback
Here, we found a wealth of valuable information about the users' primary pain points and issues related to the functioning of courier services and call centers.
Based on all the research data, we were able to formulate problems and hypotheses.
What was the problems of the previous solution?
1. Issues with the landing page
2. Issues with the application form
3. Issues with communication
4. Issues with Ecosystem
Next, we are formulating the main hypotheses for solving our issues
Firstly, we updated the landing page, making it more appealing and addressing the key concerns of new subscribers to alleviate their fears.
Then, we completely redesigned the application form on the website and the main app
Now you can choose a tariff
Or sign documents in 3 different ways
You also have access to status widgets. They will be displayed in the "My MTS" app, regardless of the sales channel through which you placed your order, be it a website or an offline store
A more attractive and transparent number portability process.
Conversion is increasing, and users are satisfied.
We have a great result🫡
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